10 January 2013
Academic Programs

We aspire to become the excellent Electrical Engineering Program by applying a total transformation education to produce leaders, who can contribute to science and humanity.

Our mission focuses on providing a balance curriculum (hard skill, soft skill, spiritual & character), expert lecturers, excellent academic infrastructure, cooperation schemes with national and international institutions and integrated student services.

Our goal is to produce independent and qualified engineers (scientists) who can solve problems creatively, work productively in a team, but also purposefully and ethically live out their life.



This concentration provides students with comprehensive knowledge of electronics engineering, especially in designing electronic appliances with microcontrollers, designing small robots and designing electronic instrumentations.

Concentration courses in Electronics Engineering are:
Digital Electronics, Electronic Instrumentation Systems, Microprocessor and Microcontroller Systems, Electronic System Design, PLD/VHDL, Mechatronics, Computer System Architecture and Industrial Electronics.

Elective courses in Electronics Engineering are:
Artificial Intelligence, Medical Electronics, Digital Image Processing, Digital Control System, Robotics, Microelectronic Devices, Stochastics and subjects from other department.


This concentration prepares students to have advanced knowledge in telecommunication engineering, especially in linking and matching with the industry. The goal is to produce students who are capable and ready to work in the telecommunications industry, dealing with state-of-the-art telecommunications technology.

Concentration courses in Telecommunication Engineering are:
Telecommunication Electronics, Transmission Lines, Digital Communication Systems, Antenna and Propagation, Telecommunication Networks, Traffic Engineering, Wireless Technology, and Mobile Communication.

Elective courses in Telecommunication Engineering are :
Artificial Intelligence, Digital Broadcasting, Satellite Communication, Digital Image Processing, Introduction to Photonics, Coding Technique, and subjects from other department.