Hery Susanto Djie, Ph.D., California, USA

I enrolled at University of Pelita Harapan in 1995, when the university was just only one year old, under a full scholarship from Lippogroup. I was among the pioneer batch of ~5% freshmen who opted for Electrical Engineering major. I was impressed with the small classroom setting, the integrity of lecturers and the lab. facility, that allowed me to maximize opportunity in equipping myself for next advanced studies or career with the science and knowledge in the electrical engineering concentration. The friendship among students, lecturers and peers in the department with a relatively small community becomes once in a lifetime experience that I cannot forget until today. The group had many occasions for outdoor gathering to strengthen our bond and friendship. We won the gold medal the tug of war competition in the first university olympics in 1999 with limited resource! I was delighted and honored to be elected as the chairman of student’s organization of Electrical Engineering dept., that paved a way to a greater role in leading the entire student’s organization of Pelita Harapan as “Ketua Senat” (president of student association). The remarkable and tremendous support during the campaign and election from individuals and student association in the department is one of best and most memorable events for me.


I decided to choose the telecommunication as my final year option, that later on inspired me at most in pursuing doctoral degree in the field of optical telecommunication and optoelectronics (I truly appreciate the significent role of Dr. Henri Uranus as the lecturer of that subject as well as one of my thesis advisors. Thank you so much!).

“Jurusan Elektro” (Electrical Engineering Dept.) is a huge factor that provides me a strong foundation to the next level of my journey as doctoral candidate and my professional path. There is no substitute for four years of education, training, and experiences in the department that molded me and proved the prime factor on what I have accomplished so far. I will be forever grateful for what the department and the university have contributed to what I am today!

Hery Susanto Djie, Ph.D
Alumnus, Teknik Elektro 99, Universitas Pelita Harapan (class of 2000).
Process Development Engineer and Metrology Engineer, JDS Uniphase Corp., San Jose, California, USA.
Currently, Wafer Fab Engineering Manager