Dept. of Electrical Eng. Workshop on Signal Processing with Arduino & Human Computer Interaction by Dr. Ian Grout

June 2016 is the month for Dr. Ian Grout from the University of Limerick, Ireland, to pay another visit to Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) in order to deliver a guest lecture for the Electrical Engineering students of UPH in a workshop with the topic ‘Signal Processing with Arduino and Human Computer Interaction.’ This visit was the continuation of his previous visit on January and February of 2016, and it was still a part of the staff exchange program realization in the Erasmus Mundus Leaders Project.

The workshop, which was divided into four sessions, started with an introduction session, continued with a session for the introduction and usage of Arduino, Arduino for signal processing and sensing and ended with a session about the use of human-computer interface, was held on June 3,8,15 and 22, 2016 and was followed by students from inside and outside UPH.

Arduino is a very popular micro controller module or a microcomputer system for controller application and embedded system. An explanation about Arduino and its function will be divided into different sub-themes in four different sessions. These four sub-themes include Introduction to the Workshop and Computer Interfacing, Using Features in Arduino and the Microcontroller, Introdcuction to the Processing Software and Introduction to HCl.

After presenting the materials towards the students, Dr. Ian admitted that he was very impressed with the earnestness and the great interest to learn shown by the Electrical Engineering students of UPH who attended his class. 

“This could become a positive attribute for these students in the future. I am very sure that, if I give them a challenging problem about technical matters, they would be able to provide an interesting solution,” said Dr. Ian.


Dr. Ian himself, thought of his visit here as a positive experience. “I was very grateful to be welcomed here in UPH. Through the Erasmus Mundus LEADERS program, I was given the opportunity to spend a total of two months at the Faculty of Science and Technology of UPH. UPH provides me the opportunity to contribute in teaching their students from the Electrical Engineering Department. It was indeed, a very interesting and useful experience for me to exchange ideas with my colleagues here in UPH and here, I could also learn about the learning approach technique that UPH adopts,” Dr. Ian explained his experiences in UPH.

In relation with the Erasmus Mundus Leaders project, the project itself had received a 2.7 billion EURO of funding from the European Union (EU) for this mobility scholarship, and this program also sent Dr. Henri Uranus, a Lecturer of the Electrical Engineering of UPH to be a Visiting Scholar at the City University of London as well as to conduct a research on a finite element modelling for terahertz waveguide (mt).