Sofian ST, Nokia Siemens Network Indonesia
It had been a pleasure for me to study in Universitas Pelita Harapan. The campus is colored by unique culture, rich facilities for campus activities, competent lecturers and discipline in academic conduct and even in campus security. I cannot deny there is no perfect system and dissatisfied students can always be found. However, the overall process, procedure and academic systems are running well. Thanks to UPH for giving me a wide knowledge, fast learning process, wide link to people and the feel of "responsibility begins with me". I especially thank the lecturers who have given me a lot of education and attitude treasure since the start of my study. Now I am with a multinational telecommunication company. This is the dream comes true for most graduates. "Be a better UPH, and become the best university in Indonesia and in the world!"
Sofian, S.T.
graduated in 2007, now with Nokia Siemens Network, Indonesia