Hendrik ST , Batch 2005

I enrolled in the undergraduate program of electrical engineering at Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) in 2005 with a scholarship. At first, I was unsure about the quality of education in UPH since it was a new private university. Later on, I found out that I had made a correct decision in studying there.At that time, UPH has already had a modern campus equipped by a wide range of facilities which significantly support the study process, such as a library with a vast collection of books and a high-speed wireless internet connection. Moreover, during my studies, I was taught by very competent lecturers holding master or doctoral degrees from some reputable universities abroad; that in turn, provided me with a vast knowledge and a range of important skills in the field of electrical engineering.Therefore, I was convinced that UPH was one of the best private universities in Indonesia.

After my graduation, I worked as a field engineer at Schneider Electric Indonesia. Thanks to the knowledge and the skills I had gained during my studies in UPH, I was able to performed well in my job. Afterwards, I was awarded a scholarship from the French government to continue my master studies in France. Having dreamed of it for a very longtime, I was very excited to have this opportunity. I am certain that the excellent education provided by UPH and especially by the lecturers of the electrical engineering department paved the way to the award of this scholarship. I believe that in the future, the electrical engineering program at UPH will become one of the best engineering programs at the international level.



Hendrik, S.T.
Electrical Engineering, Class 2005